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Employment Information

Pumpkin English School is looking for full-time children’s English language teachers.

Pumpkin English School was established in 1986 in Kyushu, the most southern part of Japan above Ryukyu islands.
We specialize in children’s English education for students ages from 3 to 18. We offer a very high standard of education with small classes that allow maximum student-teacher interaction. We train our native English teachers in our specialized curriculum prior to teaching. We provide all necessary resources. Our Japanese staff, proficient in English, supports the native staff at all times.

Basic Requirements:
1. Native English speaker
2. 4 or 2year university/college graduate
3. Committment to a 1year renewable contract
4. Interview in Miyazaki, Kyushu at own cost (negotiable) or by skype

1. Experience with children
2. English teaching experience
3. TEFL/TESL certificate
4. Musical Talent

Terms of Employment:
July/August 2017 ~ July/August 2018

Monthly Salary:
5days working/week \250,000

Thank-you money:
\100,000, the equivalent to a 1 way airplane ticket after completing 2 years of work

Maximum of 20 teaching hours/week

2 days off a week (Sunday/Monday)
Most national holidays

Sick leave:
2days annually

2 week summer vacation (dates fixed)
2 week Christmas vacation (dates fixed)
1 week Golden week (for a week)

Semi-furnished apartment with a fridge and a washing machine. The school will pay the deposit and keymoney. Teacher pays monthly rent (approximately \35,000).

Miyazaki is a medium-sized city. It has a population of 300,000 people. We have the beautiful ocean and also moutains which give us great opportunities to do all different kinds of outdoor sports. The cost of living is one of the lowest in Japan, and it was selected as one of the best places for living by the Japanese people.


It’s difficult to decide which I like more: Pumpkin English School or the city of Miyazaki. Both are warm, friendly, community centered destinations. The strongest recommendation that I can give to Pumpkin is that I would gladly send my own children there to be educated; the staff sincerely care about each and every student. Many students graduate from PES having been taught there for 15 years! Any Google search will attest to the natural beauty and lush nature of Kyushu; it really is an exceptional place to live. If you are afforded the opportunity to teach at this school, grasp it with both hands.

Thomas Elgood

Miyazaki is a great little spot in the south east corner of Japan.
The beach style at living and the luxuries of hot springs and mountains which are located not far from the city makes for a nice place to live. It provides us of housing a healthy atmosphere to teach the local students at our English School. Pumpkin English School has a great curriculum and good students a great chance to interact with us foreigners in English.

Stuart Ballantyne

Palm trees swaying in the wind. Waves crashing on the beach. Mountains covered in lush green forest. Miyazaki is natural beauty brings a calm to your soul and a smile to your face. Fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables are abundant. Cozy restaurants serving delicious Japanese cuisine are easy to find. The relaxed vibe found in Miyazaki is matched at Pumpkin English School. With a plethora of teaching materials and intelligent support staff, a new teacher is given all the tools necessary to succeed.

Tyler McIntyre

How would you feel living in one of the best places in Japan, while working at one of the best English Schools in Japan? If you like the sound of that then Miyazaki is the places for you with beautiful mountains, rivers, hot springs and an awesome coastline with some of the best surf in Japan. What’s more Pumpkin English School has a huge amount of resources and plenty of help and support from their friendly staff. It’s a school that genuinely wants to see its students learn and improve their English.

Chris Wheeler

Teaching English here in Miyazaki over the last two years has been an enriching experience. I’ve found that this corner of Japan has it all, beautiful countryside, fantastic Onsen and incredible food. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with great people and share English with some really wonderful kids. Pumpkin English School has given me the opportunity to continue developing my ESL teaching skills. It’s nice to work in a learning community where all involved are dedicated to high standards as well as effective instruction. I’ve enjoyed watching my students grow and discover their English identities. A great school, gorgeous location, what more could you asks for?

William Roepke

Miyazaki is a great place to live. I’ve been here for nearly four years now. I started working Pumpkin English School lin November 2004 and have really enjoyed it. My previous job was at a high school and didn’t give me much of a chance to interact with students at personal level. I really appreciate the relationship between students and teachers here at Pumpkin. Classes are small with a maximum 9 students. This has allowed me to get to know my pupils and to make a differrence in their lives.

Rachael Withers